Monday, 17 October 2011

Instant Gratification

Things are moving so fast here, I'm in a new work routine (working Monday's for the first time in what seems like forever!), frantically trying to get ideas and products ready for the Christmas markets, and looking beyond that to our long term plans.
Sometimes in the midst of all the pace and the looking ahead, planning and waiting you need a smidgen of instant gratification.

So, with six fat quarters and a Sunday afternoon in the house alone I decided it was time to dust off the sewing machine and throw together a new quilt for the living room. I did the top and cut the backing in no time at all, then waited until this afternoon to hunt out the wadding. I literally had just enough, by millimetres. It was clearly meant to be.
And so now, as I plot projections and think about exciting new ventures that I have to wait until the new year for, I will snuggle up under my quick quilt and enjoy the autumnal light in the afternoon.