Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Everyone's a winner!

After trawling through all the entries to my blogging competition I have decided to announce the winners!

First prize goes to L who successfully (and speedily) deduced that the two miscellaneous plants are indeed potatoes. We thought we might have planted some!

D is the lucky winner of the bonus prize for his handy tips ab
out what to do with them next. As soon as we make it to the garden centre we'll be buying bigger pots so we can "earth up" the plants. How exciting.

So, it seems that everyone's a winner. L and D on the blog, and us because it looks like we've got some nice healthy potatoes on the way! Prizes will be on their way once I decide what they're going to be *ponders.*

In other North London Garden news, the pesky slugs eat our lettuce and had a good ole bash at the courgettes. N's hurried move to put the pots in the greenhouse one evening (after I stupidly left them out after dark) was coupled with the shout back into the flat of "eurgh, it's slug-city out h
ere!" Needless to say on the aforementioned garden centre trip we will also be buying gravel and little dishes to rest our pots in, with the hope of being able to sustain pre-ventative measures rather than more cruel, but possible more deserved, death-based techniques.

Anyway, the slug attack has at least prompted me to get back on the planting case, and now it's a bit warmer (and we're actually here to look after them) the need seeds I sowed today will grow up nice and strong. I planted new courgettes and lettuce, pumpkin (a variety called "Becky" - I couldn't resist), peppers and spinach. Fingers crossed.

Whilst on the subject of flora and fauna, I did promise some tales and
photos from our trip, which I haven't managed yet. I will get around to it, I promise. Until then I will leave you with a couple of photos in the plant and animal theme. Firstly a view across the Mojave desert showing the Joshua trees in the aptly named Joshua Tree National Park.

Then a cheek
y lizard perched on the rocks in Joshua tree, who was perched quite happily bobbing up and down in the midday sunshine.

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  1. A pity you can't post us some of that foccacia......would make a lovely prize if only it was feasible and David wasn't off to foreign parts! Better still - post some of that sunshine - the village of the damned (and whole north -east) has been cloudy and pretty grey for the last two days!