Sunday, 8 June 2008

A photo essay: North London Veg Garden update

No kitchen garden would be complete without it's herbs. In the barrel are mint, rosemary, coriander, sage, thyme and bay, in the little pot is oregano.

The greenhouse is serving us well. Despite a snail invasion we have some strong tomato vine (back row) and are attempting a second batch of pepper (front row) having killed the first lot off in the colder weather earlier in the year.

Hanging basket "Tumbling Tom" tomatoes on the top of the boiler cupboard (and to the far left our resurgent lemon tree)

Pots of courgette and pumpkins currently sitting on the table to keep the slugs at bay until we get more copper tape

In the foreground our butternut squash, one of which is doing so well it flowered today! In the background our uber potato "tree"!

Our collection of berry fruits. (L-R) Raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant.

Despite being harvested once our rhubarb is well on the way for another crop.

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  1. The plants are looking really good - we too lost peppers in the cold. Today we've bought squash, pepper and pumpkin plants, as well as red cabbage! I also bought two red basil plants - one of which, if it survives, is for you ! My swiss chard is going well...but our rhubarb looks a bit sad as I savaged it a couple of weeks ago.
    You may find you have to move the mint from the tub - it tends to be really rampant and may just muscle everything else out!