Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Farewell 2008 / 200 posts and counting

Oh dear, it seems it will be 2009 before I even get around to posting Christmas recipes, and that seems rather too late to be bothering. Shame on me. I have excuses though, mostly to do with drinking wine, celebrating birthdays and reading cookbooks.

I also must apologise to both Molly and Nicole, I owe them both a post about the Christmas Cookie exchange, especially as my amazing package from Nicole arrived on the 22nd and has been enjoyed thoroughly. I promise as soon as the new year kicks in I shall do a long post about all the tasty and decorative goodies I received.

Until then I'm afraid I am going to leave you in order to play with my new toy:

Oh yes, a Kitchenaid! I can't believe it really. It was in the sale and I had some birthday vouchers (thank you parents, you're the best) and so I got it at a ridiculous price that meant even N insisted not only that I have it, but that he carry it home on the tube so I didn't have to wait for delivery - yes he's a total sweetheart.

So the close of 2008 brings not only my 200th post (eek!) but a promise of great things to come. There are so many exciting things ahead: learning to sew; continuing my knitting (and hopefully making more than just scarves!); a raft of new cookbooks to explore along with a mixer to help me out (yay!); and, the final hint, a potentially massive project in August!

I hope the new year brings goodness for you all. I offer a toast to 2009 and all the potential it holds *chinks glasses*

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  1. Way to go on 200 posts! I'm so jealous, not of your Kitchen Aid mixer (got one for Christmas last year), but your lovely dutch oven. Both in red!!