Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The reveal (part one)

So, I have a confession to make, which might go a little way to explaining why I have been slack in commenting and reading blogs recently. It's not because I've fallen out of love with you all, oh no, I'm just as obsessed with all the gorgeous blogs and food out there as ever, it's just been the slight issue of being across the world in the southern hemisphere.

Yep, you heard that right, for the past month I've been in New Zealand.

Er, surprise!

I know it will probably be quite a shock since I decided to do what K has called "phantom blogging." I just didn't want this little space to get neglected while I was freezing my ass off spurning the English summer for a proper winter.

Why was I there? Well, friends of ours were getting married, and it couldn't be missed, and given that it was going to take us almost thirty bum-aching hours on a plane to get there we figured we might as well make a holiday out of it. Now yes, it does seem a little strange to me both get married and holiday in winter, since my experience of winter is of dull grey perpetual rain. NZ, being the gorgeous place it is, does winter a little differently. Okay, it was bloody freezing, and even with my layers of alpaca jumper, coat and a windproof waterproof jacket the cold was biting at times, but the sun was out almost every day and the autumnal colours were still hanging on the trees. I don't think it could have been more beautiful if it tried. Plus, can you imagine wedding photos on the tops of snowy mountains?!

Yes. I get it now! I've always loved the idea of a proper autumn or winter, but it's so rare to get them here in England, now I feel completely spoiled as I got a second winter that showed me just how perfect bright cold days can be, and have returned to hot weather and a greenhouse full of tomato plants! The best of both worlds.

So yes, as you can probably see I have so much to tell about, including my baking exploits in hostels! It's true you know, you can take the baker out of her kitchen, but you can't take the want for baking out of the girl.

I shall post exciting things about my experiments soon, and share part two of the reveal in a couple of days when the world stops being a bit blurry and jet-lagged around the edges.

Until then, it's very very good to be back, and I'm loving catching up with everyone's news.

p.s. Nicole, thank you so much for the Hokey-Pokey heads up...have you had it on rhubarb? Oh yes. mmmmm.......


  1. Amazing photo - wish I thought I was going to get such good ones out of the camera! Suspect you have all your father's genes!

  2. Actually, having seen N's photos I've become rather disappointed with mine! Oh well, back to photographing food and fabric...

  3. Hey! I gave you an award. Come by and pick it up.

  4. How amazing! I love New Zealand. And antipodean winters are so different to UK ones - the crisp, sunny winter days are breathtakingly beautiful.

    Be sure to try some green-lipped mussels if you haven't already. And Burger Fuel. The kumara fries with aioli are worth walking to Auckland for. And drink as much wine as you can - I don't think a bad wine has come out of NZ yet.

    Looking forward to hearing about your baking exploits in hostels!! I made pancakes every day in the hostel kitchen in San Francisco when I was there (and for some very cute boys who were also staying there! ha ha!)


  5. Got my NZ postcard just yesterday! Thanks! So when are you planning to visit the great fjords of the northern hemisphere? Anytime soon?