Monday, 13 July 2009

The great British summer.

I have a confession to make. I've never barbecued. I've been to a few (though not that many considering how we Brits love any excuse to don an apron al fresco), but have never actually taken it upon myself to stoke the coals.

Now some of this reluctance might have had something to do with never really having had a garden (except briefly during my final year of undergrad, but all I remember of the garden that summer was the loud rave music coming from the strange neighbours and the endless task of attempting to memorise the finer details of 18 Shakes
peare plays - not much room for flipping veggie burgers as you can probably imagine), however, we did have a garden last year, and even a few sunny days (though it seemed more like sunny half hours to be honest) and yet the snail-infested barbecue was left to its own pestilent devices and the disposable grills never graced our decking.

Until now!

Yep, we finally broke and decided that barbecue time had rolled around. It'd been a tense day
of cricket watching (frankly, all days being an England fan are tense due to our remarkable ability to invent a sport and immediately become rubbish at it) and the Pimms had been flowing, and suddenly I get the bright idea to hunt out a disposable grill that a friend had donated, fire it up and whack on the veggie sausages, halloumi and courgettes.It was of course thoroughly overcast and blowing a gale, true British barbecue weather, but hey! that's what it's all about, and didn't detract from tasty veggies on grilled bread smothered with homemade ketchup.We've got three grills left. It's going to be a tasty summer...


  1. Make the most of it! Back home in Minnesota, my parents like to grill all-year-round (that means even in the frigid January snow stormy weather). In Norway, grilling is more of a May-September thing, but it's an absolute MUST on any sunny day. Isn't grilled zucchini the best?

  2. woo-hoo!! it's not a summer without a barbecue :) Here in southern America, barbecue is a type of pulled pork that's served in this spicy vinegar sauce on a bun like a burger. Funny, huh? Everywhere else, though, it means pulling out the grill.

    Glad you joined the summer bbq-en club!!!