Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sunday's are brilliant because... can totally justify eating oatmeal cookies for breakfast, then go out for brunch, and still have a slice of cheese on toast at 4pm. You can also knit in front of the football, and finish a project in ninety minutes, discover you can make a hat, and learn that you like port. did I not discover you and your fortified winey goodness earlier?

This week I promise to make more things, and try and post more about them. I miss this little space.
I'm sure I'll get the balance right eventually. But right now there is a mushroom bourguignon waiting to be eaten...


  1. mmmmmm oatmeal cookies. Would they post?

  2. Port is delicious! I discovered it in Portugal and have two bottles in the fridge now. Particularly good with a Fudge's chocolate dipped flapjack :)