Friday, 26 March 2010

Up, up and away...

Today I am mostly doing housework. It's not what I usually spend my blissful free Friday on, but the sprunging of spring made me shamefully aware of just how much dust and dirt was lurking in the flat. I do love the new sunny mornings, but curse them for shining light in all those usually dark corners! I can no longer live in denial. Something must be done.

So, while I dash round like a mad thing frantically swiping surfaces, nooks and crannies, I thought I would share a little piece of spring joy with you: 

I planted these last week on night after work, and they were so keen that by the weekend green shoots were looking promising, and by yesterday they were pushing against the lid of the propagator! All I need to do now is be careful and patient, and pray to the gardening gods that I can maintain some green fingeredness for the whole planting season. 

The large adventurous shoots in the foreground are courgettes and squash, and then coming in a close second with their delicate little offerings are tomatoes. This weekend the first potatoes are going in, and probably a whole load of chilies! 

What are you planting this year?


  1. You have been busy! Even thinking of spring cleaning gives me an attack of the vapours. I bought packets of tomato, salad leaf and pepper seeds but haven't done anything with them. Maybe this weekend.......?

  2. So incredibly jealous of your seedlings. We have enough light now, but even if I put mine in the Greenhouse they would still freeze in the 10 below night temperatures.

  3. Oh dear! I haven't even planted a single seed yet this year! You're making me look bad... They're looking great though - very strong. Impressive!! Might have to sneakily steal some of yours... xx

  4. LTC - It's still early yet! I'm just so determined to get it right this year that I'm being a bit keen, who knows, we might have frost in April which will crush my little seedlings.

    Nicole - Gosh, how on earth do you cope?! No wonder you order so many lemons from the lemon ladies!

    Rosy - oooh, seedling swap?!