Thursday, 17 February 2011

A good stomp

It's amazing what a good stomp through the countryside can do. After work I hastily ate lunch and went on a mission to re-discover some of the country paths that are so close to us now. It was exactly what I needed to lift me out of my winter funk. A reminder of the warmth of sunshine, the sound of birds and that sometimes all you need is a bit of fresh air to liven the brain. It was muddy enough to feel intrepid, but not enough for proper hiking boots. There was sunshine, and it was warm enough not to feel like the arctic when I stepped outside, but still cold enough to indulge in a newly knit hat and an old-favourite shawl.

One of those perfect early spring, typically English, days, with a slight haze over the landscape and a breeze still capable of reminding you that there is plenty of February to go yet. I just hope the weather holds like this a little bit so N and I can finally get our Sunday walk together without the fear of a proper drenching.

1 comment:

  1. Oh wonderful! I love a good stomp, too!

    I hope the weather is kind for you and N this weekend!