Sunday, 27 March 2011


I have a tendency towards a competitive nature. This is why I am no longer allowed to tempt N to play two-player games on our games console, and indeed why he gave up any attempt to play football games on it with me. I have this ridiculous inability to pass the ball to anyone else, it just feels, wrong.

I bring this up because this week we had a bake sale at work in aid of the Japan Red Cross, and I was desperately hoping that my contribution might take a starring role . Then I learned that Ottolenghi was contributing! At first I was in awe, then I realised that my humble offerings would have to take a back seat. I thought I would be gutted at this, but actually I realised that sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and accept defeat to the better opponent!

Well played Mr Ottolenghi, well played:
Then again, my own didn't look that bad, and it was very pleasing to be served alongside one of my heroes, probably for the only time in my life.

But the main reason I was completely chuffed and bowled over this weekend, was because not only did Ottolenghi's cakes sell out, but so did mine, and so did all the rest of the beautiful contributions, and as a result a whole load of money was raised, which, after all, is exactly what we all hoped for. Thank you to any and everyone who not only bought or baked cakes, but has been doing everything they can for Japan. Every little helps.


  1. It's not just about yours tasted better;).

  2. I think your look more impressive.......but then maybe I am biased !