Friday, 2 December 2011

Time out, and dates for your diary

I met up with a group of friends tonight for an early festive tipple. As I arrived and was saying hello one of the greeted me with "it was so exciting to see you mentioned in London's Time Out this week." Which I responded to with a "wahh?!", a dazed look and stunned silence. I thought she was joking. But after a couple of drinks and on the way back to the tube station I was marched into a shop, where she picked up the magazine and read proudly that this year's Christmas Food Market in Covent Garden Piazza will include: "guest appearance from some of the hottest food bloggers...baker and jam-maker Rebecca shares the wit of her At Number 98 Blog"
Seriously. I nearly fell over! I mean. Wow! I need to up my game in this little space clearly. If they are going to say such darn nice things about me (and two other very talented people, Niamh Shields - Eat Like a Girl and Chris Dreyfus - Silver and Claret) I really ought to start bringing you a bit more wit and certainly some more recipes.
So I bring you a promise, that I will try and be present more often in this little space, not matter what the pace of the jam world!

But before I begin hassling you with recipes and wit (?!) I shall first bombard you with some dates for your diary.
Calling all those in London and the South East: No. 98 Limited will be rocking the following Christmas markets with Good Cheer and Good Preserves. If you're in the area come and say hello, and have a taste!

Dec. 3rd 2pm-6pm Reigate High Street, Surrey

Dec 9th and 11th 10.30am - 8pm COVENT GARDEN PIAZZA! It's a long cold day, please come and say hello!

Dec 17th 10am-4pm Reigate Community Centre, Surrey.

The official website will also be updated shortly to include a full product list. I will be offering a limited mail order service, if you'd like to buy online. However, please note that postage on jars is a lot, so will be costly, especially as I will only be using Royal Mail Recorded Delivery to ensure tracking. If you'd like to enquire about pricing you can email info (at) no98 (dot)


  1. I'm excited to see what interesting new flavors you have. I did something interesting last week - Cranberry Dijon Mustard. It needs to age a bit, like pickles, but it turned out pretty well.

    -the redhead-

  2. That is fantastic news. If I were in the London area (and I really wish I were) you could count on a visit as well as me doing a bit of Christmas shopping. Well done!