Thursday, 21 August 2008

The loaf pan strikes again.

I did warn you that the loaf pan had been getting rather a bit of use in the flat this week. A while ago whilst browsing the archive of posts on one of my favourite food blogs I came across a recipe for "lemon yoghurt anything cake." On the post the cake had included blueberries, but it was pointed out that it had adaptability to such an extent that pretty much any aspect of the recipe could be changed and the results would still be amazing.

Hmm...almost limitless adaptability? That sounds like exactly my sort of thing! I'm sure it's clear enough by now, over 100 posts into my food blogging "career" that I just can't leave recipes alone. If there is any wiggle-room I'll find it and use it.

Knowing this about me, it will probably also strike you as rather strange that when I made the lemon blueberry yoghurt cake from the post I changed absolutely nothing. It just looked so damn good I didn't want to fiddle. Okay, that's not entirely true, I didn't have quite the same size loaf pan, so used my trusty bread one and hoped for the best. The result? A gorgeous moist cake backed with citrus and bursting berries that sat perfectly throughout the cake without a single one sinking!

I took it to our weekend Dungeons and Dragons session in Lancing and it went down very well. So much so that despite having had ice-cream and banana cake for dessert after lunch us adults whacked the kettle on for another cup of tea, if only for the excuse to break out the second cake! This is alas the reason why I don't have any pictures of inside the cake. It got carried to Lancing and then eaten so fast I didn't have a change to whip out the camera. Now there's an excuse to make another if I ever needed one!

The only problem with the cake - and it's not really a problem - was that it took ages longer to cook than the recipe sugested (over an hour and half!). I think this is because the loaf pan I used was a lot deeper. However it didn't seem to affect the flavour or texture of the cake. Once the top had browned, but the middle not cooked, I dropped the temperature to 150C and if I'd have had it I would have put a bit of foil over the top to stop it cracking quite so much. Then again, these cracks were rather pretty in my opinion and were perfect for hording the syrup you pour over the cake as its cooling.

If you want a nice summery cake, refreshing, moist and delicious, this is the one for you!

I won't post the recipe because I didn't change it at all, and it'll give you an excuse to visit Smitten Kitchen and browse a great blog.

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