Sunday, 22 March 2009

And it was all yellow...

We took advantage today of what is forecast to be the last sunshine for a little while and went on a long walk, rewarded with a wonderful pub lunch at a random place that will no doubt become a new favourite. It felt like one of those days really, where everything worked out just right at every twist and turn.

As I mentioned before I've never been a big fan of the colour yellow, but it's everywhere I look at the moment, and it kept catching my eye while we were pottering about. So here, as promised, is a post o
f yellow things that have captured my attention.

I quite like the idea of posting collections of things of one colour. I've seen it on design blogs a lot and it's always struck me as really fun. I might try and keep the habit up over summer and see what colours pop out at me.


  1. Those days are magic. Yellow seems to be everywhere at the moment - there are splashes of it in our garden.

    I think colour posts are fun - I've only done one or two, but Picasa makes them so easy to do!! Have a great week. Cx

  2. I love this post. Especially the yellow want. I seem to be wanting a lot right now!

    Unfortunately, my color of the day would still be white! We are covered in a blanket of snow.

  3. this is definitely one of my favorite posts-- beautiful! made me want to go exploring...

    hope you enjoyed the last of the sunshine! we're not supposed to see any till sunday... rain always makes lots of time for knitting, though :)

  4. Isn't yellow the color of spring? The yellow in my garden this morning is covered in snow -- I do so hope that the yellow survives.