Monday, 9 March 2009

Guest post: When Mum comes to town...

Hurrah! All the chanting seems to have worked and so here is a short piece by my wonderful Mum about her experience in the North London Kitchen. All pictures are hers, with the exception of the scones, which were hastily taken by me to document the tasting of Nicole's delicious Meyer lemon jelly. So, without further ado, I hand you over to my Mum...

Food shopping 'up
west' and at Borough Market, possibly the best coffee in the world (certainly in England), an exciting wool shop, fabric shopping and cutting and sewing, cable teaching and laughing over knitting on dpns.

Buying books, of course, and eating lovely meals in really nice restaurants (thank you N). Two pairs of hands holding hundreds of cast on stitches straight on a circular needle………Sniff being suspicious and wary and then warm on my feet all night. Brilliant focaccia, special cheese and Meyer Lemon jelly (thank you Nicole!) on warm lemon scones.

What a wonderful few days I had in London……………..maybe the best memory being Rebecca’s frown of concentration changing to her ‘light up the world' smile when she realised she could indeed knit cables and in the round and in two colours in a row, and had in fact made a top, and buttons. Thank you most of all to her, From A North London Kitchen did me proud.

aww, thanks Mum. I loved having you here so much, and there's never enough time to pack in as much coffee, cake, gossip and making stuff as I'd like (and only a mother would humour casting on 250 stitches in the round!) Come back soon, please!


  1. What a super post! Looks and sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Are you making a dress? It looks a little like an Amy Butler pattern which I have and still haven't made!

  2. Wow! Nice post. Rebecca, maybe you could talk your Mum into starting her own blog! You weren't kidding about loving the lemon. That is some serious jelly on that scone. Glad you had a good time. I'm so jealous of your market.

  3. The fabric is indeed Amy Butler, well spotted. It's a top - I'm not quite up to dresses yet, but I'm getting there...sort of.

    Nicole, we thought that the jelly shouldn't be skimped on. It's so delicious, I'm carefully guarding it.

  4. This post and the one previous are so, so, so lovely. Really, I couldn't help but grin while reading. The epitimy of a perfect mother-daugher visit! I can't wait to see your new cable project!!

    Tell your Mom she's an excellent blogger-- she should think about starting one herself! :)