Wednesday, 13 May 2009

First harvest

They may be tiny, but these fiery radish shoots are the very first harvest from the North London Garden this year!

The fruit bushes have flowers, as do the plum tomatoes, everything else is still in little pots and are really only seedlings, but they're getting taller everyday. Fingers crossed we're set to yield a little more this year than the two tomatoes and handful of potatoes of last year's rainy summer. Every day it feels like we get a step closer, ever so slightly better and more green fingered. It's been a very steep learning curve - we lost our entire crop of nine squash and courgette plants last year to mosaic disease - but we'll get there.


  1. they look great!!! gardens definitely come with learning curves :) can't wait to see your other successes!


    Little and sweet...

    I have to transplant my little "radish starters" to some larger pots before we move into our new house and I have some real ground to plant them in.

  3. these look like the harvest on Good Neighbors (a great British comedy of the 1970s) and it turned out well....gardening takes a lot of patience, and I know you'll hang in there!

  4. Oh my! Exciting! I've just planted some rocket and spinach. Starting small :)