Thursday, 28 May 2009

Lady, step away from the fabric stash!

As you may have noticed recently I've been more than a little distracted by my sewing machine and fabric stash. I think I feel about the sewing machine the way some people feel about cars. It gives me a sense of freedom. Odd, considering I have to be sitting in a very specific place to do it (and barefoot too, does anyone else do that? I find I can control the speed better that way).I can barely believe that in five months I've managed to master the machine, and some patterns, well enough to make myself dresses, quilts, cushion covers and even wallets! This week I managed to put together a silk dress to wear to a wedding. I'll no longer feel trapped by highstreet fashion that I not only don't understand - okay, who thought bringing back the '80's was a good idea?!?! - but can't get to fit me properly (although that said I still had to take in the dress as I made it too big. Oops!)

The one thing I've really gone made for is quilting. I love it. This week I finally finished a huge quilt for the bedroom with rocket ships on it. Geeky, but I'm so pleased with it.

A few weeks ago I finished a red and white "Arsenal" quilt for N. It was my first piece using triangles and I enjoyed it so much, and was so pleased with the result, I immediately made another!
But now there's a problem. It's getting warmer, and snuggling under heavy quilts is no longer cozy, it's just hot. Oh no! Whatever will I do with myself?

Patchwork throws anyone?

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  1. Patchwork throws are always cool, and if you live in a basement flat like I do you always need things to cosy up in, even when it's hot outside!

    I'm so impressed with your handiwork! Here's to homemade fashion that suits your tastes and body, rather than having to buy what the high street tells us to! :) x