Monday, 22 November 2010

It did it again...

Our boiler is mocking us.

It's broken again, and this time will cost a lot to fix. However, we will have the last laugh, oh yes, because in a week and a half it will be replaced with something not from the stone age, that will work, and be quiet, and small, and pay attention to the new thermostat and be generally lovely.

Until then we will be without hot water or heating. It might be a long ten days.

But that's not a problem, as I am steaming the Christmas puddings and baking up a storm with a friend who doesn't mind knitting and baking in the cold, and delights in sprinkles.

More on that on Wednesday, right now I'm off to huddle in front of the fire and ponder where I put my fingerless gloves...


  1. Sad to say I know how you must be feeling with the boiler, ours has just broken again - second time in 3 weeks... not much fun in this weather!!

  2. Oh no! You have my complete sympathy. Oddly my boss' boiler broke this week too, I wonder if the union of boilers has called a strike?!

  3. EEK GAD! Hoping you stay warm... Those cupcakes look amazing. Happy Thanksgiving.:)

  4. Ten days???? We've had a foot of snow here and, according to the weather forecasters, it's making its way southwards. Hope you've got a good stock of logs for that fire.