Saturday, 23 April 2011

During breakfast this morning.

I'm an impatient gardener. I want things to germinate and sprout moments after I put them in the soil. So when I eagerly planted things a few weeks ago during an unseasonably warm Monday morning, I had rather hoped the warmth and sunshine would work it's magic immediately.
It didn't, and so I have been learning patience, and slowly tending to my little pots every morning, in that blur of time between coffee and leaving the house for work.

I must have been doing it all with my eyes closed, because today, with eyes wide awake thanks to a long sleep and the contentment of knowing that thanks to some well placed Bank Holidays, N and I actually have some time together this week, I suddenly began to notice things...

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

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  1. Isn't it amazing when that happens?! I noticed on Saturday that both our tomato and strawberry plants have suddenly produced flowers - I did a little gardening victory dance!!

    Apparently keeping the fruit slug-free is the difficult bit, though ;-)