Friday, 15 April 2011

Spring here... a new experience for us. It's the first time we've been in this house during this season, and I'm very much enjoying seeing how it goes.

So far it has felt slow. We're only just getting used to the garden, how the sun falls, where things will go and what work needs to be done in order to get things in their place (oh all the slow hard work). Some things have been planted, some have not, some things seem to thrive (our fruit bushes seem to love it here) but worryingly some things seem to be lagging behind (I'm sure the rhubarb should be growing faster and bigger).
Then on Sunday as I was pottering around I was struck by the realisation that the tree had blossomed. Suddenly the top of the garden was covered by a bright flurry of spring snow, and the light through the flowers was stunning.
Even the cats seemed struck by the new optimism that the blossoms brought as they played in the grass. Even little Gatto who is clinging desperately to being a house cat.
Sometimes I need to learn that if you're patient, and don't look too hard, amazing things will just spring up when you're not paying attention.

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  1. Your cats are just beautiful. And this post is so true - spring has suddenly arrived and everything feels new and unfamiliar - I love it!