Thursday, 23 June 2011

This week I have been mostly...

Picking fresh berries from the garden to rescue them from the rain (and put them in my face). Not a great harvest I have to admit, but something to build on.
Failing to buy bread, or bake bread, or buy oats or make granola. Pecan and cranberry emergency breakfast muffins it is.
Getting up at stupid o'clock in the morning to take delivery of 12kg of organic apricots from a very confused looking delivery man. I'm not sure what confused him more, the random residential address or the enthusiastic women in her red dressing gown opening the door!
Finishing my third ever pair of socks and my first ever proper colourwork project. Not the most perfect of fits (tight around the heel but loose at the toe and cuff), but I'm wearing them with pride anyway. And for any sock knitters out there, yes, you can block your socks using wine bottles in the hope of stretching them out to fit!

Sorry it's been rather silent around here. The craziness is continuing here at number 98. All will be revealed soon. In the meantime I can highly recommend using raspberries instead of strawberries in Eton mess, and eating it with a very cold glass of white wine. It's the perfect way to forget about all the rain we've been having and bring the Great British Summer indoors.


  1. You made those socks? I mean, I know you stated you did but wow, I can't even imagine creating something that cool. And wearable.


  2. Hi Pierce,

    Thank you, I have to admit I still can't quite believe they came off my needles, and actually how straight forward they were once I got past the fear of them! You should definitely have a go...

  3. The socks are incredible!!

    And I can't wait to hear more about this mystery craziness - sounds exciting!

  4. Those socks are amazing!!!

    And what are the apricots for? :)