Monday, 25 July 2011

It's out there...

We're off to mainland Europe this week for a mixture of some family celebrations, and some very well deserved RnR after a ridiculous month of having a house of smelling of vinegar and vanilla and filled with hot jars and bottles of varying things
But before we head off, I wanted to give a huge thank you for all your lovely and supportive comments about the business. I really appreciate it, as it's all still a bit overwhelming, and there are various things I am still very much getting to grips with.
But, the product it out there! I can finally share with you some pictures of my preserves on the shelves. It's been rather weird selling things to regular customers, and being able to say "actually, that's my company, I make that." I'm always a mixture of proud and scared! So far it seems to be selling well, long may it last.


  1. Have a wonderful holiday. I like the looks of those jars of jam.....I have been following you since you wrote a North London Kitchen.

  2. Have a lovely holiday! My two daughters and I spent almost an hour picking raspberries today with the intention of making jam. I love how you've named your chutney!