Thursday, 14 July 2011

Now I can tell you...

I have some pretty huge news. It's so large that I'm not sure I've even properly taken it in yet. As you've probably noticed I've been a little bit absent over here. I've been busy. So busy that I almost wish I was in bed rather than writing this, and yet this is super exciting.

I guess you want to know what I'm blabbering on about?
I've started my own preserves business. Not only that, but tomorrow my humble jars of delicious things go on sale in an amazing local shop. It's been a complete whirlwind. I've been spending every waking hour (and even some sleeping ones) frantically putting things in jars, building contacts, approaching local farms, getting a website, designing branding, and on top of all this working extra shifts in two jobs in order to afford all the things you need to run a preserves company. Who knew you needed so much stuff...jars, fruit and vegetables is not enough!

I know I've been very quiet about this here, with the exception of a few tempting photographs of fruit. I didn't want to let slip in case for some reason things didn't happen. I've been working on this full-speed since January, and the last couple of months I've been going truly flat out. I have hundreds of jars tucked away filled with things maturing and waiting for sale. I haven't gone into this lightly. I've been considering it for almost two years now, and began the process last summer. Then we moved and finally the house was ours and the kitchen ours and it could be registered as a business premises. I passed all the tests (with the highest rating, *ahem*) and when I started my job at the local deli the business was a bit of a temptation for them. This gave me the kick start I really needed, and so with their constant support and enthusiasm I put the wheels in motion and began producing preserves and building branding like a mad thing.
I won't lie. It's been really hard. It's not easy turning your "hobby" into a potential business or profession. It's damn hard work, especially when you have basically no start-up cash, and so are frantically working all the hours on all of the jobs. But it's also very exciting and a lot of fun, and makes me extremely scared, but also extremely proud.
I would like to think that I am proof that it can be done if you want it enough. I have big dreams for my little empire, but am sticking to the "build slowly, build to last" mantra.

Apart from being in two local shops I will be on some markets this summer, and hopefully more after that. I will of course keep you posted as my preserving madness continues.

In the meantime, I can be found over here at a brand new business website, and on twitter as No98Limited.


  1. Oh WOW ! Congratulations!!!

  2. Wow! That is fantastic news, well done on sticking with it. I've been preserving a bit myself having been inspired by your Apricot and Vanilla jam a couple of years ago, and it is rewarding, hard work. All of this creativity and a Phd!

  3. Congratulations, what amazing news!!! Hope your efforts pay off and that it all goes well!

  4. Rebecca,
    I am so excited for you. I know you have wanted to do this, well...for as long as I have known you! Congratulations! I for one can say that your jam is amazing, so I am sure you will be a huge success. I admire you for taking the leap and making this happen. Good luck.

  5. Well Done!!!
    You must bring some up here on your next visit (for me to buy of course!)

  6. Oh, good for you and hope all goes well. Love your website, everything sounds delish. Especially the strawberry summer cocktail jam!

  7. Wow, congratulations!!! If your jam ever heads up North then please let me know as I would love to be a happy customer! I'm sure all of the hard work is, and will continue to keep, paying off - it just goes to show what you can do if you really want it :-)

  8. jam jam jam jam jam jam jam jam jam and pickle.

    the nice lady is very excited by these developments.

    well done you xxxx

  9. Congratulations, Rebecca! I was so pleased to read this post. I wish you the best of luck on this endeavor.

  10. Fantastic!! I remember that stall in Covent Garden two years ago and how wonderful all your stuff was. What a step to be making, I wish you every success!! xx

  11. I've not been online for a bit and missed out on your fab news! Congratulations!! Glad you've gone for your dream business and may it turn into a jam empire!