Tuesday, 2 August 2011

He's just such a willing subject...

...that I can't resist an afternoon in the garden with Gatto!
I'm back, and slowly wading through emails and trying to motivate myself after a weekend in sunshine and humidity. Having failed to take a single photo the entire time I was away (the camera didn't even make it out of my bag, which is pretty shocking really...it was just too hot and I felt lazy), I thought a few snaps of Gatto might keep you going. He and his big brother (not such a willing subject, alas) have had a lovely weekend being pampered by Lady K, and seemed distinctly disappointed upon our return yesterday. Although not so much as to refuse food or strokes, but they wanted to let us know it was accepted begrudgingly.
In my next post I'll tell you all about the amazing box of goodies that was waiting for me upon our return. Yep! The Farmer's Market Exchange parcel arrived, and I'm one very luck blogger indeed!


  1. Yes, unlike dogs, cats don't really like to show they've missed you. Last time we collected our two from the cattery they refused to look at us.

  2. I miss my retreat and my (adopted) kitties xxxx

  3. Am loving Gatto - what a handsome boy!