Wednesday, 29 February 2012

In the past week I have been mostly...

...celebrating two new products on the shelves of the local deli...

...and using one of them to perfect a delicious new cake (recipe soon!)

...getting my teeth into a fabulous new book, remembering how much I enjoy academic(ish) reading, dashing into a shop to buy a pencil so I can underline bits whilst on the move, and hunting out more non-fiction to keep me going.
...and finally, (or rather firstly, as we did this on Saturday) eating here. Finally. A couple of months later than planned, but very much worth the wait. We're already planning the return visit. Oh Giorgio how I adore thee!


  1. Ohhh.........are you going to post the recipe for the cake using your jam? That looks so good. It must be so very nice to see your jams for sale in markets. The one you sent me is fantastic!

  2. Today I am going to a winter Market where I am going to discover fabulous products make but the locals; should be fun!