Saturday, 1 March 2008

Baking Day! (March) Part One: Breakfast

Okay, so technically I start this months Baking Day yesterday, but I figured that since it was February 29th, a sneaky extra day, it doesn't really count! The reason I started early was because I wanted to try out a new recipe for Baking Day breakfast and had no intention of getting up early in order to make it.

The reason it needed making early was because I was trying out cinnamon rolls using a dough that required time to rise. So yesterday morning I donned my apron early and set off on a quest for breakfasty goodness. It was much easier than I expected; a simple sweet bread dough that once rested (for an hour) and risen was rolled out was spread with melted butter and a sugar and cinnamon mix. It was then rolled and sliced to produce the cute looking Swiss roll type chunks and proved for another 30 mins before putting in the oven for 15 mins.

The smell was good before the baking had even begun, and once they were in the oven an amazing cinnamony, bready aroma filled the flat. It was going to be really difficult to hold out trying them before breakfast!

Fortunately I did manage to hold out until this morning. Back they went in the oven for a quick re-reheat to toast up the edges, then they were drizzled with lemon cream cheese glaze and served up with our morning coffee. Totally delicious. They will definitely be becoming a staple of our weekend morning routine.

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  1. They look fantastic - will have to try those....maybe with mixed pice (nice smelling brown powder!) instead of or as well as cinnamon.
    Well done you !