Tuesday, 11 March 2008

A slice of the action in Our Lovely Flat (tm)

Another food adventure tonight, I made pizza!

Okay, this is a first on a technicality only. We actually eat pizza every week, I think I'd be safe in speaking for both of us in putting it high up on our list of favourite foods. We usually have when N plays football in the evening and needs something "snacky" that he can have a small amount of so he doesn't get too full before playing, but can then have more when he gets in. Pizza and salad fits the bill perfectly.

I have always made our own toppings, but using pre-bought pizza bases. However, with the new bread resolution I decided that once the stock of frozen bases ran out I would make everything from scratch. Tonight was the night.

I have very fond memories of making homemade pizza with my father, and it was so nice to smell that lovely olive oily yeasty dough again as I kneaded it and let it rest and prove. I made enough for three bases and froze two portions so that next time I can just whip it out of the freezer, prove it and bake it, without mixing again.

I was so pleased with the results, it was light and elastic and easily workable into a round. I then topped it with my patented (adapted *cough-stolen-cough* from my father) tomato sauce before adding a mix of Italian flavours; sundried tomotes, pesto, walnuts and shaved parmesan. Oh and jalepenos, which no pizza in Our Lovely Flat (tm) would be without!

It was baked in the oven for 12 minutes and then served with my homemade coleslaw* and lettuce.

I know it's not good or nice to gloat, but I am going to because it was one of the nicest pizzas I have ever had (outside of Italy of course). The dough was light and fluffy with crisp edges, it didn't feel at all soggy or cloying. The flavours on the topping all worked really well together too, fresh with a hint of heat from the chili. N and I very enthusiastically stuffed our faces and between bites grinned at each other smugly. He has pointed out that I am now on pizza dough duty forever. To be honest, with results that good from a recipe that easy, I don't care in the slightest!

I really can't stress enough how impressed I was with this dough. I plan on making soft rolls with it and mini pizzas for N's lunch.

* I realise I haven't posted about the coleslaw, I made it on Sunday and totally forgot that it in itself was a food adventure and with all the baking it got overlooked. Basically I grated some kohl rabi and carrot and added a handful of sultanas and dressed it in natural yoghurt, lemon juice and the tiniest dash of salad cream. It's been delicious and I will definitely be making it again.


  1. gloat away - you deserve to! It looks great. Mine always seem to be soggy - what's the secret?

  2. I love sun dried tomatoes and jalapenos on my pizza too :D
    looks delish!