Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Ciabatta: stage one

It's Easter weekend coming up and N and I are taking advantage of the long weekend to escape into the country for a few days. It's a break that we both definitely need and as ever I have been plotting and planning all sorts of little treats to take with us.

I was daydreaming earlier (while I should have been working) thinking about how tomorrow night is officially the start of our amazing long weekend and how we should have something special to celebrate. I was also thinking about how it's been a little while since I did something crazy, different and difficult in the bread department. Since we started the fresh homemade bread resolution I have been sticking to the easy breads, not wanting to try anything too difficult or out of my comfort zone. But, seeing the bushy basil plant on the side, the great mix or large and cherry tomatoes that arrived from Abel and Cole this morning I was reminded of our conversation about how delicious simple food is when it's just right (this during some gushing over the bread, oil and salt starter when N took me out for a celebratory dinner on Sunday night - yes, I know, he's amazing).

So I came up with a plan.
I am going to make ciabatta! Then tomorrow night we can have the nice bottle of white wine with fresh hot ciabatta and tomatoes, basil rock salt and balsamic vinegar, perhaps with a hunk of cheese on the side. Good, simple, tasty food to welcome in the weekend. So I have started the process. It takes 24 hours to make a ferment for the bread, so I mixed it this afternoon, covered it and left it on the side. It currently looks like this:

Then tomorrow afternoon I add the other ingredients and then mix again, leave it to prove a while longer, then tomorrow evening we should have tasty fresh homemade ciabatta bread. I'm really excited. Another first for the recipes and omething that pushes my comfort zone and should hopefully bring about not only a feeling of achievement but a delicious dinner too!

Updates to follow tomorrow (and other tasty Easter related treats of course!) ...

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  1. I'm planning to shop tomorrow so we will be having 'Friday tea' on Thursday to celebrate the early start to the weekend too ...but I'm convinced your bread will be much nicer than anything I buy in Sainsburys or Tescos. I hope you have a lovely weekend....say hello to my favourite part of the country for me !