Saturday, 5 July 2008

beanz meanz....homemade!

I'm not a big baked bean fan. In fact, except for a very rare craving for them on toast with lashings of brown sauce, I'm not a fan at all. I think I find them too pasty and sweet and the tomato sauce not tomatoey enough. I do however really enjoy Greek baked beans. I had them in Athens and thought they were fantastic. Large butter beans in a gently herby tomato sauce. You can get them here in some shops, they come in large flat round tins, can be eaten hot or cold and taste almost as good as the fresh ones we had sitting in the sun near the Acropolis.

Whilst browsing one of the organic shops in town last week I came across their selection of tinned beans. I picked up a mixed tin, thinking I would make a bean salad for dinner that night. Then my eye fell on the organic butter beans and I immediately thought of the spiced tomato sauce I had saved in the freezer. Into my basket went the beans, homemade baked beans here we come.

All I did was drain the beans and sling then in a pan with some of the tomato sauce I usually use for pizza toppings. It's basically blended chopped tomatoes, with oregano, basil, ground pepper, a dash of balsamic vinegar, Worchester sauce and some of any wine we have open. I let the sauce cook down with the beans until it was thick and coated them nicely. I served it with grilled ciabatta.

Mmmm....who needs bland brand name beans when homemade are so simply and delicious.

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