Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Indulgence to ease mediocrity

England are playing a "friendly" against Germany tonight. It won't count for anything, and is months before the next competitive match, and the training for it has wiped out another Arsenal player, our best winger, potentially for three months. Bitter, me? Yes, yes I am. Especially as I knew that the football from England will be hit and miss. We won, but didn't look that convincing, and made some shocking mistakes.

It's nights like this that a little bit of indulgent food is needed. I chose to express this through the medium of nachos. A friend today commented that nachos are a side dish, not a main dish. Well clearly she's never had them like we do: piles of a beany chili type thing, nicely cooked down so it's thick, spooned over tortilla chips, with avocado and sour cream on the side and a nice handful of salad to get something green on the plate. That's a main meal, oh yes, and the perfect antidote to vaguely rubbish football.

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