Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Secrets and pies (or rather puddings)

I have been doing secret things in the kitchen today. A secret experiment involving expanding my skills and hopefully making something very tasty indeed. Only problem is, I can't tell you about it! Well, not now, as it's a secret for N and I don't want him finding out. I'll tell you on December 1st, how about that? In the meantime I shall leave you with this image and you can have fun guessing.

The other exciting thing today was the arrival of these lovely cards:

They are festive postcards, all images taken by me, and on the back they have reheating instructions for Christmas puddings! I wanted all the pudding participants on Sunday to not only have a memento in the form of pudding, but one for a little longer, hence the cards. Also, I figured that as many people have never made or eaten Christmas pudding before, they may be a little bemused on the day as to how to reheat it, hence the handy instructions on the back.

As you might be gathering I am a little enthusiastic about the impending festive season! I think this year I might actually manage a completely homemade Christmas, with not only the main meal, but dessert and all the chutneys and preserves! If only I'd thought to learn about wine making. Oh well, got to have something to aim for next year! (I'm kidding of course...or am I?! hehe).

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