Sunday, 26 September 2010

A cake for half time

Today we were going to be good. We had planned a stomp through the local fields. Some fresh life-affirming autunmal air in the lungs, and perhaps a post-walk pub lunch and pint in the belly.

But it wasn't to be. We got caught out by catching up on sleep, emergency trips to the pet shop, and then the sudden onslaught of rain.

No matter though, instead it's been an afternoon of sofa guarding, yarn winding, pattern browsing, and light pottering.

And I always believe that when the weather does this:you should do this:
The cake in the picture is Dan Lepard's Malt Whiskey Ginger Cake, that was featured in The Guardian Magazine food section yesterday. A few changes - less ground ginger (I'd run out) and so a shake of nutmeg and cinnamon, crystalised ginger not stem (I find the former much more satisfying in everything) and a lemon based icing - and we had a lovely warming cake to enjoy at half time, in between knit and purl rows.
My cake was deceivingly gooey in the middle, despite the obligatory toothpick test, but this wasn't unwelcome. We also both agreed that whilst very nice today it will be even better tomorrow when the flavours have developed.

I wish I could say we were good and enjoyed this with a cup of tea, but in this weather, it's all about the afternoon glass of red wine.

Come on, it's a Sunday!

Oh, and for those of you who have been asking about how Sniff is getting on with Gatto, I thought I'd share this moment from last week...


  1. Love the sleeping cats photo-looks too good to be true! Surely there should be some sibling squabbles!
    I saw that Dan Lepard recipe and though it looked good, but we don't have any whiskey in the house, so I've made the Nigel Slater Hazelnut, choc chip and cinnamon cake from today's Observer Magazine, as it's my dad's birthday tomorrow. It smells good, but the tasting won't be until tomorrow. Anyway I made lemon-blueberry ricotta pancakes for breakfast, so that is enough sweet stuff for one day!

  2. That sounds spectacularly delicious.

  3. Ooh I want a cat I want a cat!!!! And a slice of that cake wouldn't hurt either!

  4. I am in complete agreement with you. Rainy gloomy weather most definitely calls for some yumminess

  5. Definitely the best way to spend a rainy day! Looks like a delish cake!