Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A fresh start

After years of adherence to the academic calendar I don't think I will ever fully shake the feeling that the start of the year comes in September, rather than January. The change in the air from sultry (okay, we're the uk...ahem...warmish) summer to crisp autumn is one of my favourite moments. It means the digging out of jumpers, the acquiring of new stationary (yes, this week I bought sharpie pens, just because I couldn't resist all the colours in the packet), the last of the tomatoes and the return to rich flavours and warm spices in cooking and baking.

The change in season and the new start couldn't have come at a more apt time this year, with a new house, new cat, new routine, and a new blog.

After an incredibly stressful summer, when the first of September rolled around and the chill hit the morning air it suddenly felt like everything had fallen into place.

We celebrated with a walk around the new area, and a pint in a new local. The perfect way to ring in the changes.

I have also managed to get four days off in a row, and so will hopefully have some nice projects to share. In the meantime I offer not a recipe, as it's not complicated enough for that, but a suggestion. Next time you make pesto, try replacing the pine nuts with cashews. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
I hope you're all enjoying the autumnal weather, I've been very much enjoying spending my mornings slowly and surely catching up with my blog reading, so if I haven't already I will be popping past to say hello.


  1. I'm rather excited about Autumn.

    And congratulations on the move! Gatto is just too adorable - how has Sniff taken to sharing?

  2. Welcome to your new blog Rebecca! Oh and I love the photos!

  3. I've loved the very definate change in seasons this year.

  4. I love reading different takes on the summer-autumn transition; there's something so inescapable about this transition, which doesn't come with any other seasonal changes.

    I keep meaning to try making cashew pesto - I've tried it before and it's delish!

  5. Cashew pesto is amazing. Have you ever had thai pesto - recent discovery at the Borough market, made the tastebuds tingle!

    Glad you are settling in to your new home, would love to see more as and when you unpack and make it your own!

    I am loving the transition to autumn as well - and was looking forward to September 1st in so, so many ways this year ;)