Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Respite en France

This past weekend we went on a flying visit to France for a birthday bash and a bit of respite from the cold, grey, dismal January we're having in England.
It's amazing what a bit of sunshine and fresh sea air can do for one's outlook (cake and wine helps too of course!)
We've returned refreshed, full of new ideas, if only we can get a bit of sunshine here to help us out.
I forgot my camera, and so had to snap away on my phone, but am quite pleased with the results. I hope you enjoy them too, (perhaps during a break from all that marmalade making?) and I'll be back soon with a nice recipe to help ease those January blues.

p.s. whilst there I got referred to as "madame" I guess that clears that one up doesn't it!


  1. Ah, fantastique!

    I worked in France when I was 20 and I was always referred to as a Madame - I wouldn't take it too hard :-)

  2. I loved "traveling" with you through your blog! Thanks for sharing,