Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Start as you mean to go on

Happy new year!
The end of 2010 featured a lot of reflection for us, and so when the new year rolled round it was hard to find resolutions. Like last year, when they did appear in my mind, I felt myself being drawn to larger more abstract things that I'd like achieve this year.
2010 was a big year. It was busy, and stressful, and wonderful, and ended sadly. It's always hard to predict what a year will bring, but overall I'm hoping that 2011 will build on the new phase of life we've started in our new house.
So I've put together not resolutions, but hopes for the year ahead. I certainly started as I mean to go on, with a new knitting pattern (and a new favourite yarn), a new batch of jam (made with my beautiful new knife) and an old batch of pancakes (gotta start the year off with a full satisfied stomach) and of course our new(ish) kitty wreaking havoc, as always.
In 2011 I hope to:

1. gradually reduce the chaos in the house and garden, formerly with storage, latterly with time, work and ambition! If I work really hard I might even be allowed chickens in 2012!
2. pursue the things I really want in life. I feel like I'm not quite where I should be (work/career wise), and I need to continue to push towards where that might be. This year *will* be the year that some serious business begins.
3. up my (crafty) game. A good friend of mine once pointed out that if you're in your comfort zone you're not growing, and so I need to continue to do things that intimidate me. I want to make this the year that I not only solidify my craft skills but push them, get better and learn more.
4. be more thankful. The end of the year made me realise how fortunate I am. I want to make sure that those around me know how much I value them.

Wishing you a wonderful year to come...


  1. Happy New Year!

    I've been struggling to find a resolution, too. I can't decide whether I want to change nothing or everything, which is mighty confusing as well as psychologically unsettling. So I'm sticking with trying to listen to myself in the months ahead; a rather dynamic resolution if ever there was one!

    I particularly like your third hope; sounds like a good one to me! I look forward to reading more throughout the year!

  2. I like that, hopes, not resolutions. Resolutions can only end in disappointment, hopes are much more realistic and optimistic! Sorry to hear about your sad end of year, hope things are better now

  3. Clearly orange sainsbury's bags are a better fit with the 'aesthetic' !!!