Friday, 22 February 2008

The Mutant Loaf from Outer Space!

Our delicious pecan and walnut bread about to run out (oh no!), I decided it was time to get on the bread case again. This time, it about to be the weekend, and having some lunch ideas in mind (post to follow no doubt), I decided to take a step away from out usual wholemeal preferences and make a simple fluffy white loaf. Or so I thought.

I think I was just a bit distracted by the prospect of the weekend beginning and our night out at the cinema and so wasn't paying enough attention to what I was doing. I somehow managed to forget the bit in the recipe about forming the dough into a tight ball and just left it all misshapen during it's proving time. The result?

The Mutant Loaf From Outer Space! ("da, da, da" - *scary Sci-fi music moment).

Not the nice smart rounded loaf I was hoping would fill our weekend, but then again one shouldn't discriminate against shape, and fortunately the bread still turned out lovely and fluffy just as I'd hope. Just not round!

Here is the proof that it all turned out in the end:

Too be honest, it was always going to be alright, it's bread isn't it?! Mmm...bread.

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