Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Vital equipment

A wannabe Domestic Goddess cannot live on bread alone...she needs shoes!

There are two pieces of equipment that I would argue are essential for a wannabe Domestic Goddess to do her job to the utmost potential: a good apron and a beautiful pair of shoes.

Okay, so the shoes are probably slightly less essential, some would argue not even essential at all, but having bought three pairs today I have decided that they are, because that's how I'm justifying the purchases, hehe.

The brighter red pair are flats and look very cute indeed poking out from beneath my black trousers. They also cunningly match my "Domestic Goddess" apron (a total indulgence that I save for wearing on Baking Days) even more reason to justify buying them.

Roll on March 1st, Baking Day and the perfect combination of shoes and apron!

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