Thursday, 28 February 2008

Vital equipment*

I do believe I mentioned that there was something other than shoes that, in my opinion, a wannabe Domestic Goddess needs, and that is a fantastic apron. Although I have two, the one pictured is specifically my "Domestic Goddess Baking Day Apron" which I save for specially occasions and shall be donning again on Saturday (March 1st, Baking Day is here again!).

And what shall I be wearing with it? Why, my fabulous matching red shoes of course!

* It has occurred to me that while I initially referred to only two pieces of vital equipment I was in somewhat of a shoe induced haze! So I will be extending this list as and when things come to mind - one did whilst making the bread yesterday for example. So you can no doubt expect my musings on other vital equipment (not all as glamorous as red shoes and pretty aprons however) in the future.

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