Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Deck the halls.

Remember this guy? He's back:
And he's been joined by this fellow:
Yep, the halls here at Number 98 are officially decked. We just couldn't wait any longer. Whilst the plumber was fixing the boiler we were frantically painting the living room. It was the only room that didn't get done when we moved and the awful shade of mank-nolia that it was painted was really getting us down. Problem was as soon as it was painted we felt so smug and suddenly festive that at that very moment we couldn't wait any longer. A tree was bought, boxes fished out of the loft, Sinatra on the stereo, wine opened, chocolates consumed, lights tested (and chased around the room by a little terrorist kitty), and suddenly Christmas arrived at Number 98.

It might seem early, but it's wonderful. I have been basking a little too much in it and not doing much else. Sometimes when you can't bring yourself to get out of your pyjamas and leave the sofa long enough to bake, you just have to give in and indulge in other ways...

...but if you do fancy a spot of baking, I can heartily recommend this. I made it last week and it was snaffled up so fast I didn't get a picture. Our top tip is to heat a little mincemeat until it's warmed and runny, and then pour it over and load with whipped cream. Nom!

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  1. It's not early, ours went up on Sunday evening too. The cats are were practically puking with excitement...