Thursday, 2 December 2010

I spoke too soon...

We got snow. Quite a bit in fact. On Tuesday evening we both left work at 6pm. We made it into the house at 11pm. It was one of the few evenings when I was cursing not being in central London. Very much "we're not in Kansas anymore"

Since then we haven't left the house (except for an emergency bread and milk run when our poor veg man rang to say he couldn't get through). All train services are suspended, so we couldn't really get anywhere even if we wanted to.
Fortunately the one person who did get to us is the plumber! Rumour has it we might have hot water later today. Yep, that's the old immersion tank! Hurrah!
Perhaps the funniest thing about the snow has been the cat's reactions. It shows up their individual approaches to life very well. Gatto was running around the house from window to window seemingly saying "it's brilliant! The whole world looks different, it's brilliant, white stuff is falling from the sky, brilliant." (forgive the blurry photo, he's not a cat that stays still for long!)
Sniff took one look at it, rolled his eyes and seemed to say "oh no, not this stuff again"

I'm off to huddle in front of the fire with my knitting. I hope you're all staying safe and warm. I will hopefully be back soon, with heating and cake recipes (because butter just won't soften in our house so we're on the emergency chocolate hob-nob stash rather than home baked cakes!)


  1. He is just adorable..........Concensus in our local media is that we've had loads of snow - and a week of it now, and it's not national news until it happens in London. Can't say I disagree!


  2. Our cats have had enough of the snow now. Every time we open the door to let them into the garden, they look so disappointed to see it still there, higher than ever. Hope you're managing to stay warm.