Saturday, 4 December 2010

Let it snow

If you're British you might have noticed that there's been a bit of snow around. Apparently we're not that great at dealing with snow as a nation. Or at least that's what all the news seems to be saying. I beg to differ. I'm fantastic at dealing with snow. There's a knack to it I should admit. What you do is....not leave the house for three days. I'm sure some people would go stir-crazy, but I am definitely in my element!
On Friday I couldn't get to work. I don't drive (not that I would in these conditions) and we're on a train line that seem particularly averse to anything the slightest bit chilly. Last week there was a train cancelled due to "adverse weather conditions" on a completely normal, cold, but bright winter's day. So a foot of snow and we ain't going nowhere.
No matter. With heating now working, showers were had and preparations begun. This weather naturally makes me feel even more festive, so what better way to enjoy a snow day than with some Christmas sewing, knitting and the first batch of mince pies.
See, coping with snow is easy!


  1. Glad your heating is back on now! Brrrr! I've enjoyed having some time off work to do crafty things too...although I'm glad it's finally melting and life can go on as usual! Your mince pies have made me feel very festive.

  2. I couldn't agree more - I stayed in for 7 days straight and it was great. Snow is so pretty to look at and so awful to go out in!